Online Forklift Training Benefits

Save valuable time and money by taking the first step to forklift training utilizing our NEW Raymond Safety on the Move® Online Theory Program. Our Safety on the Move® - Operating Training Program is CSCSC certified which provides Nationwide Accreditation.

Operators and companies that register for the Safety on the Move® - Operating Training Program will enjoy the benefits and advantages of Johnston Equipment's 55 years of industry experience, size and reputation.

Safety on the Move® Program Benefits include:

  • Significant savings from the e-learning platform – save 30% off your bottom line training costs.
  • Eliminates the need to remove operators from the field to participate in the class
    session; allowing you to maintain productivity levels
  • Eliminates travel expenses.
  • Available for up to 6 different equipment types.
  • Provides a Nationally Accredited Training Program at no additional cost.
  • Provides a tracking & reporting solution reducing your internal coordination costs.
  • Operators do not need to schedule hands-on equipment trainers with another
    company. Johnston Equipment is a one-stop shop for completion of all 3 components of the Operator Training certification.
  • A flexible online training environment. Operators learn at their own pace
    and are able to review materials as many times as they want (at their own
    convenience and in their own environment).
  • A user friendly platform includes various help desk assistance features such as:
    • Built-in links to supporting documents.
    • Engaging graphics.
    • Interactive learning activities.
    • Printable notepad.
    • Bookmarking.
    • Rollover "help bubbles".
    • Virtual tour of module navigation and learning features.
  • E-learning offers operators the ability to complete their Theory training requirements from virtually anywhere and at any time.
  • E-learning minimizes the impact to workplace productivity by offering operators the ability to complete the Theory component individually and in their own time.
  • E-Learning is environmentally friendly by eliminating travel and printing which reduces your CO-2 emissions, carbon footprint and environment impact.

As Canada's ONLY national training provider and largest material handling training company, Johnston Equipment is recognized as the only nationally accredited training provider through the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council.

Why is Accreditation Important?

Most jurisdictions across Canada are now trending towards accredited training programs; spearheaded bythe CSCSC.  Local Ministry of Labour Departments, who are now researching the benefits of this structure, will determine whether or not to implement the same criteria across their departments.  Getting your training program reviewed and meeting certain quality criteria will be the norm for our industry in the near future.

Visit the Ministry of Labour to learn more

Our Difference:

  • Our online training program is NOT $19.99 to $49.99 "safety awareness course"
    as seen from  other companies;
    • 1, 2 or 3 hours "safety awareness courses" do no pass any Canadian accreditation criteria.
    • Safety awareness course certificates hold no merit within the industry and are not accepted as valid training by the Ministry of Labour.
    • No "safety awareness course" providers offer the ability to
      complete your training program by providing the required Hands on
      Instructional services and practical evaluations.
  • We have transformed our Safety on the Move®  Training Program to
    reflect a substantial cost savings for our customers by transferring our Theory
    component to an online training platform.
    • Our program is minimum 5 hours long (up to 8 hours) to meet
      National Training Standards.
    • Our training program is model specific.
    • Our training program has been reviewed by the manufacturers.
    • You truly get what you pay for in with our Safety on the Move®
      online training program.
  • Our content was developed by;
  • As the manufacturer of material handling equipment, we are the only company able to offer the remaining components of your required training components, including hands on instructional services & practical evaluations right across Canada at one of our 14 local training centers.
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Get Trained from a Nationally Accredited
company with more than 55 years of experience.

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Get Trained from a Nationally
Accredited company with more
than 55 years of experience.

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