Forklift Training Program

Overall Forklift Training Program

The Johnston Equipment Safety on the Move® program encompasses all 3 necessary components for the nationally accredited Forklift Operator 3-step training program; Theory, Hands-On Operation and Knowledge and Practical Verification.  

Step 1: Training Program outline (CSA B335)
Within an online environment, operators will be guided through the theory element via various instruction-led methods of delivery, including, but not limited, to:

  • Group brainstorming discussions and workshops.
  • Individual exercises.
  • Interactive lectures; videos, slides, overheads and case studies.
  • Six Modules of training requirements as recommended by CSA B335.
  • A quiz at the end of each module.

The course has been formatted to take a minimum of 5 hours or as long as a learner requires. Students have the ability to exit the training at any time and log back in to complete the training program at their convenience within a 90 period after initial their initial log in date. Once you log back in, you will be taken to the last page you completed prior to exiting

Theory Course Outline

Trainees will be provided with an Online Study Guide, providing all the information required to pass the online Theory quizzes successfully. Program participants will be required to:

  • Review and understand the Safety On The Move Student Manual.
  • Log in to commence the training program, actively listen to each slide and complete any interactive slide features.
  • Review program safety videos and achieve a mark of at least 80% on each quiz before proceeding to the next module. Please note that trainees are allowed to re-take the quiz if an 80% grade is not achieved. If minimum grade of 80% is not met after three attempts, trainees will be re-directed back to the home page and must reapply and pay the registration fee again to participate at a later date.
  • Print out the temporary Certificate of Completion form (after successfully passing all 6 module quizzes and reviewing the program safety videos) and present it to a Johnston Equipment trainer for hands-on operation training.

The Course Outline

  • Module one: Safety and the law
  • Module two: Operator inspection
  • Module three: Truck travel
  • Module four: Load handling
  • Module five: Ramps and docks
  • Module six: Battery/Propane maintenance

Step 2 - A: Hands On Training
Under the direct supervision of a trainer, the trainee will be provided with an opportunity to apply his/her Theory knowledge to physical practice through hands-on experience with the operation of lift trucks at one of the fourteen Johnston Equipment branches across Canada.

Step 2 - B: Knowledge Verification
Rounding up the 3 step program, the Knowledge and Practical Verification Process includes:
•    Comprehension evaluation with respect to the theoretical information conveyed. Evaluation methods include, but are not limited to, written, oral, or pictorial (visual) testing, or any combination thereof.
•    Practical evaluation where the trainee must demonstrate his/her proficiency with respect to the operation of lift trucks; trainees are measured against predetermined criteria.

What You Get?

  • Model specific online theory presentations based on our nationally accredited training program which includes interactive slides, pop quizzes and videos for your reference.
  • Upon successful completion of the Online Theory component, you will receive a printable certificate to provide to our national trainers for completion of your Hands on and Knowledge Verification components.
  • Once you have passed all 3 training components,  we will provide a wallet card outlining your training certifications.



All material handling equipment operators in Canada are required to present any Ministry of Labour Inspector proof of training in the form of an operator card.

Each key will allow one operator access to Johnston Equipment Safety on the Move® Online program.

Below are some value added bulk purchase rates and discounts.

  • Single Access Key: $199
  • Bulk Key Purchase* (5 Access Keys): $149 = 24% savings
  • Bulk Key Purchase* (10 Access Keys): $129 = 34% savings

For the Hands-On Training and Knowledge Verification pricing please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1.800.668.5459, option 4


*Note: To order Bulk Keys please contact us.

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