Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Johnston Equipment's Online Training?

    It is a new training format that allows all operators in Canada, not just Johnston Equipment customers, to complete the Theory portion (1st step) requirement of a 3 step training process. Hands on Instructional Services and Practical Evaluations (the remaining 2 steps) are also available at any of our 14 branches across Canada.

  • Is Online Training a recognized and certified course?

    Yes - Johnston Equipment is the only national training provider in Canada. We are the largest material handling training company in Canada and are the only nationally accredited training provider through the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council;

  • Is Practical/Hands-On Training still required with Online Training?

    Yes it is. All Provincial and Federal Regulations / Standards require 3 main components
    of training to be deemed competent operators. They are as follows;

    • Theory training
    • Hands on Instructional Services
    • Practical Evaluation

    An operator MUST complete all 3 components to be deemed competent to operate material handling equipment in Canada.

  • Can I retry if I fail?

    Yes you can. All students are tested upon completion of each of the 6 modules. Once you have met a minimum 80% passing grade within a module, you are then able to move onto the next module. You have 3 attempts to pass the program, if you fail a 3rd time, then you will be escorted out of the course and have to repurchase the training program.

  • How much does Online Training cost?

    It costs $199.00 per operator for the online Theory component.

  • Are group discounts available?

    Yes they are. Please contact us for discounted bulk purchases.

  • What proof would I have upon completion of the training program?

    Upon successfully completion (80% or greater) of this program, you will have the option to print out your certificate of completion for your records and to present it to your Trainer when completing the 2 additional components of operator training.

  • Why do I need to be 18 years of age?

    Material handling equipment is considered very dangerous mobile equipment and has different age requirements as per Provincial and Federal Regulations. We are adhering to these requirements by ensuring our website visitors are acknowledging that they are at least 18 years if age.

  • What will I learn?

    You will be guided through the six modules of training requirements as recommended by CSA B335. We have developed our training curriculum as outlined in the "study guide" section of our website.

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    The course has been formatted to take a minimum of 5 hours and as long as a learner requires. Students have the ability to exit the training program at any time and can log back in to complete the course within 90 days of their initial log in date. Once you log back in, you will be taken to the last page you completed prior to exiting.

  • Why do Operators need to be certified?

    Operators need to be trained to a "competent person" level as outlined in Provincial Regulations across Canada. We offer full details of these Regulations in our resource section of our website.

  • Is my certification good for life?

    Operators need to refresh their training knowledge every 18 months by completing a practical evaluation with a competent Supervisor or Trainer. They are then required to be retraining at the 3 year mark from their initial training date as outlined in CSA B335.

  • What are the technical requirements to access the Online Training?

    Processor: Minimum:P3 800 MHz; Recommended: 1.2 GHz Pentium or equivalent Recommended RAM: As required to run your operating system (at least 512 MB recommended)

    Disk space: 0 KB, not including browser, plug-ins, etc.
    Monitor resolution: Minimum: 1024 x 768, 16-bit color; Recommended: 32-bit color
    Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, and (Vista*)
    *Windows Vista is supported for all online courses and most courses on CD.
    Browsers: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher (preferred), Firefox, Chrome or Safari
    Browser plug-in: Flash Player 9 or later
    Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later

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